At-Home Service Activities for Families 

Looking for ways to help others while the whole family is at home? Take a look at the activities listed below to learn, serve, and grow in faith together! 

🎨Arts and Crafts Projects🎨

Write a Card/Draw a Picture for a Veteran at St. Leo’s Campus for Veterans

  • Make a card, letter, or picture for a senior veteran! Thank the veteran for their service, wish them a happy summer, or just say hello! 

  • Cards can be dropped off at the parish food drive Saturday June 13, between 10am-12pm at the Saint Clement School parking lot. 

  • Cards can also be mailed to: Catholic Charities, Attention: Angel Gutierrez, 721 North LaSalle Drive, Chicago, Illinois 60654

Write a Letter/Draw a Picture to be included in A Smile Kit from Coming Up Rosies

  •  Coming Up Rosies is a local charity that brings smiles to children experiencing various medical journeys throughout the US. They accomplish this by donating Smile Kits inclusive of paints, brushes and canvases to children's hospitals and charity organizations around the world. Children can paint and customize their very own head scarves, neck scarves and superhero capes. Each Smile Kit provides a child an outlet of creativity, and the ability to wear their masterpiece with a smile.

  • Instructions: Write a letter or draw a picture to be included in a Smile Kit. Address your letter to "Dear Friend" since it may go to a little boy or a girl. Please keep the messages uplifting, such as "stay strong, we are thinking of you, hope you have fun making your own design, be happy, keep smiling" etc. You can sign the letter from you personally and your hometown (ex. From, Your friend Nick in Chicago).

  • Letters and pictures should be mailed to: Coming Up Rosies, 3501 N. Southport Street, Chicago, IL 60657. 


Write a Pen Pal Letter to a Catholic School Student or Teacher  (via Big Shoulders Fund)

  • Instructions: Write a letter or a card to show love and support to Catholic school students and teachers. You can thank a teacher for their work, congratulate a graduating 8th grader or high school senior, or wish a happy summer to a student of any age! Be creative and have fun!

  • Please label (on the envelope or outside) whether your card is for a student or a teacher.  

  • Mail completed cards to: Big Shoulders Fund, Attn. Sam Rodriguez, 212 W. Van Buren Suite 900 Chicago, IL 60607


Make Cloth Face Masks (sew or no-sew varieties are acceptable!)

  • Many organizations are in need of cloth masks right now! Help keep those in need safe and healthy by making masks at home. Both adult and children’s sized masks are needed! 

  • Instructions: Follow the directions for sew or no-sew masks provided by the CDC here

    • Here is a no-sew tutorial for childrens’ sized masks. 

  • Where to send finished masks: 

    • Adult masks can be dropped off at the parish food drive Saturday June 13, between 10am-12pm at the Saint Clement School parking lot. These will be brought to Mission of Our Lady of the Angels. 

    • Adult masks can also be mailed to the following organizations: 

      • Catholic Charities, Senior Housing, 721 N LaSalle, Chicago, IL 60654

      • Mission of Our Lady of the Angels, 3808 W. Iowa St, Chicago, IL 60651 

      • The Night Ministry, 4711 N. Ravenswood Ave., Chicago, IL 60640

    • Kids masks can be mailed to El Valor at: Guadalupe Reyes Center, 1951 W. 19th Street, Chicago, IL 60608. 


Make a Fleece Tie Blanket for a Graduating Catholic School Senior (via Big Shoulders Fund)

  • Materials needed: 

    • 2 sheets of fleece (2yds x 2yds) 

    • A pair of scissors 

    • A ruler 

  • Instructions: (Pictures below)

    • Step 1:  Take two sheets of fleece 2 yards long and 2 yards high and lay them on top of each other.

    • Step 2: Mark and Measure the corners 4”x4”. Use the guide. Cut out four corners of each blanket with the 4”x4” guide.

    • Step 3: Measure all around the blanket 1” for each strip.

    • Step 4: Measure 4” deep for each strip or use the guide to mark.

    • Step 5: Cut the strips 4 inches deep into the blanket!

    • Step 6:  Lay blankets on top of each other. Make sure they line up perfectly with each strip. 

    • Step 7: Tie the strips from one blanket to the other blanket in a knot. Do not pull too tight or it will bundle. 










You have now completed a fleece blanket!      

  • Drop-off Logistics: Send an email to Sam Rodriguez at and he will then arrange for a Big Shoulders Fund staff member to pick them up or provide drop-off options. 

(Image from 


 📚Reading Activities📚

Make a Video Recording of a Children’s Book  (via Big Shoulders Fund)

  • Instructions: Make a video recording of you/your family reading your favorite children’s book. The recordings will be uploaded to the Big Shoulders Fund e-learning website for kids across the city to enjoy! 

  • Book reading videos can be sent directly to Sam Rodriguez via email at It would be helpful for the videos to be labeled with the title of the book, author, and who is reading the book.


Plan a Virtual Story Time with El Valor 

  • If you are interested in sharing a story live with the students served by El Valor, reach out to Jacquy Ledezma at to schedule a Zoom story time with one of El Valor’s early education classes! 


Donate a Book for El Valor’s Students Entering Kindergarten

  • Explore the books you have at home and consider sharing some with others! 

  • New or gently used books for children ages 4-5 can be mailed or directly ordered to : El Valor, Carlos H Cantu Children and Family Center, 2434 S. Kildare, Chicago, IL 60623.


🌎Care for Creation Activities🌎

Make a Bird Feeder from Recycled Materials 

Beautify Your Neighborhood by Having a Garbage Pickup

  • Take a walk around your neighborhood and pick up any garbage you see! Then dispose of the garbage properly (trash, recycling, etc.)

  • Helpful materials include: 

    • Gloves

    • Garbage claw (see here)

Go On a Nature Walk to Learn About Native Species 

  • Experience the beauty of God’s creation by exploring nature! Take a stroll around your neighborhood or take a trip to a local hiking trail.


  • See if you can identify the plants and animals you see!

    • Check out  these guides from the Field Museum to learn about plants native to Illinois. 

    • For younger kids, try completing a nature bingo sheet available here!

   Pictures below show step 2                                                            Pictures below show steps 4-7          


🧴Supply Kit Activities🧴

Put Together Hygiene Bags (for the youth served by Lawrence Hall Youth Services)

  • Instructions: Create hygiene bags by putting the following items together in any bag of your choice: 

    • A toothbrush

    • A tube of toothpaste

    • Deodorant

    • Chapstick

    • Tissues (travel pack)

    • hand sanitizer

    • Soap 

    • 8 pairs of rubber/vinyl gloves

  • What to do with completed bags: Contact Monique Davis at to schedule a donation drop-off. (Drop-off address is 4833 N Francisco Ave l Chicago IL 60625.) 

Put Together Food Bags (for the youth served by Lawrence Hall Youth Services) 

  • Instructions: Create food bags by putting the following items together in any bag of your choice:

    • microwave popcorn​

    • a tuna kit

    • potato chips

    • 2 Rice Krispies treats

    • 6 packages of instant oatmeal

  • What to do with completed bags: Contact Monique Davis at to schedule a donation drop-off. (Drop-off address is 4833 N. Francisco Ave| Chicago, IL 60625)


Put Together Sanitation Kits (for the food pantry guests served by Marillac St. Vincent Family Services)


  • Instructions: Create sanitation kits by putting the following items together in any bag of your choice: 

    • 1 or more masks, either disposable or cloth reusable

    • Hand sanitizer

    • Disinfecting wipes

    • Gloves (non-latex)

  • Kits should be sent to Foglia Family and Youth Center, Attn. Kathy Slover, 2859 W. Jackson, Chicago, IL 60612. 

    • MSV asks that you please indicate that your donation is from the Saint Clement community!