Messages to commemorate special moments (graduation, birthday) or memorable occasions (anniversary, Father's Day) or to recognize someone special (our dear Fr. Rex). 

Messages will be updated and posted throughout the weekend


⚓ Congratulations to all Saint Clement 8th graders. Good Luck in high school!  |Dani Jachino | ⚓

⚓ Fr. Rex, We can't thank you enough for everything you've done for our parish, our school and our family! We will miss you tremendously! |The Newburn Family | ⚓

⚓ Father Rex: Thank you for your holy service, for teaching us to pray better, for being an Anchor for          us. May God Bless you in your new parish. |Jan Hann | ⚓

⚓ Thank you Father Rex for all your care and work at St. Clement. Best of luck in your next post.

| Norma Jackson & Becky Hamilton | ⚓

⚓ Happy Father's Day Saint Clement fathers, grandfathers and fathers-to-be!  |Dani Jachino | ⚓

⚓ #BlackLivesMatter |Allen Wesolowski | ⚓

⚓ We love you so Fr. Rex! You are always in our hearts! 💜💜🙏🙏 |Chris & Barb Bagnall  | ⚓

⚓ Dear Fr. Rex, We will miss you greatly but wish you all the best at your next parish. Oak Park is lucky to have you! We are so thankful for your time at St. Clement. |The Pierce Family | ⚓

⚓ Mari Jo, We could not ask for a better and more thoughtful leader! Our community is such a special place because of you! |The Newburn Family | ⚓

⚓ Happy Birthday to George Kuhlman |Allen Wesolowski | ⚓

⚓ Congratulations Fr. Rex on becoming Pastor of Ascension Parish. Best of Luck!  |Dani Jachino | ⚓

⚓ Fr. Rex, Thank you for all of your guidance and support. We wish you the best at your new parish. |Trina, Jack & Sammy Heffley | ⚓

⚓ God bless you Father Rex for all of your love and guidance you have shared with our community. Oak Park is fortunate to have you coming their way. God Bless You! |Simon, Oliver & Roma Yohanan | ⚓

⚓ Fr. Rex, Many thanks for all you have done in support of marriage ministry at Saint Clement. We're deeply grateful for all your help. Our best wishes for your new Parish. |Steve & Nicole VanderVoort |⚓

⚓ Congratulations to all the high school graduates! Blessings for a wonderful future in college and beyond. |Dani Jachino | ⚓

⚓ Best Wishes and Good Luck Fr. Rex! , Congratulations Fr. Peter! | Sylvia Jumawan | ⚓

⚓ Welcome Fr. Peter! I am looking forward to serving with you as our Pastor. - |Dani Jachino |⚓

⚓ Happy Birthday to Beth Rochford |Allen Wesolowski |  ⚓

⚓ Fr. Rex, You've been a part of our lives in a way that you couldn't imagine. We'll miss you, but we wish you the best in your journey. Prayers for you.  |Jessina, Josette & Cora Samuel | ⚓

⚓ Father Rex, We will miss you very much and appreciate all that you have done for the Saint Clement Community! Wishing you all the best at your new Parish. |The Holtz Family | ⚓

⚓ Fr. Rex and Fr. Peter, You are both in my prayers as you transition into new roles. Thank you for all you do and the love you model. | Elizabeth Adamczyk | ⚓

⚓Thank you Fr. Rex! I will miss seeing you at mass and talking with you on the plaza! Good luck at your new parish. They are lucky. |Monique Fouant | ⚓